Voice Over IP


VoIP Solutions

We provide complete range of VoIP (Voice over IP) solutions for intranet. Our solutions may include following

  • VoIP Exchange
  • FXO/FXS Cards
  • VoIP Gateway
  • IP Phone
  • IP PBX

Our team is always around to assist you to work on your requirements regarding a cost effective and reliable VoIP solution. You can chose from Asterisk based open source Exchange server to a compact specially designed VoIP Exchange box solution depending upon your requirements and budget.

A VoIP solution is always extendable, reliable and cost effective in long run as compared to traditional PSTN exchange systems. You do not need special infrastructutre in building to run VoIP systems, it can be plugged into any connected switch over ethernet inside your company’s intranet.

Feel free to contact us and get Free consultation and cost comparisonsĀ regarding your VoIP requirements.

VoIP Products & Solutions