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Video Conferencing Hardware

Video Conferencing is an essential part of businesses today, either its a large corporation with offices at multiple locations of an educational institute collaborating with other institutes around the globe, Video Conferencing technologies are helping individuals and teams to communicate better and cost effectivly.

There are many famous brands offering hardware solutions for Video Conferencing. Many of them are available in Pakistan as well, we deal in Video Conferencing Hardware and provides end to end solutions for point to point and point to multipoint Video Conferencing needs.

Cloud/Online Video Conferencing

As technology has evolved there are many online and cloud based services offering Free (with limited features) and paid/subscription based Video Conferencing Services, we can help you to analyze your requirements and suggest best possible and cost effective online/cloud based video conferencing service.

Online Video Conferencing services provides you liberty to use any kind of devices available or in your budget, free software tools to communicate and no binding with any special hardware at any locations, so any number of people can communicate from anywhare in the world by using these platforms.

Self Hosted/Intranet based Video Conferencing

Many companies may like to have their own Video Conferencing services, due to less cost and privacy reasons. We provide full featured video conferencing setup for customers who want to self host or get it on thier internal networks (intranet) instead of public internet or hosted by some 3rd parties.

Our solutions may include following;

1- Video Conferencing Server (Hardware)
2- Video Conferencing Server (Application)
3- Web Application
4- Desktop Application
5- Mobile Apps

We also provide, requirement analysis, deployment, configuration, maintenance and consulting services regarding this solution.

Video Casting

Online/Cloud based Paid and Self Hosted Video Casting Solutions are available for Small and Large scale Video Casting projects. Ideal for Education and Corporate sector to entertain large number of viewers who want to access your content live or recorded.

Video Streaming

We also provide Video Streaming services, specially designed for Educational institutes, entertainment industry and businesses who want to reach out to large number of customers through publishing interesting content via video streaming.

Cloud and Intranet Solutions avaialble for Video Streaming on all kind of devices.

Video Conferencing Projects