Business Software


Business Software is an application or a set of programs which can help a business user or owner to perform some or all of business functions using a computer, it helps to increase productivity as well as to measure the progress and take better decisions. Many options are available today as per business requirements, you may choose from an ERP to a Cloud based solution or a Desktop to a Mobile App, whatever suits best as per your business and industry needs.

With over 15 Years of experience in analysis, design, deployment and support services, our team has got seasoned experts to guide you through the process of need assessment, make a balanced decision regarding procurement or investment on Business Application Software & Hardware required to run it, help you through deployment or transition and provide necessary support after your users got initial training to use the Business Software.

Our engineers and associates and facilitate your Business Software needs by using world’s best and renowned Software development tools and technologies, i.e. Oracle, Microsoft and Odoo Open Source ERP as well if you are not willing to bound your organisation with any licensing mechanism and your team is comfortable with working on world’s most stable and trust worthy Open Source Business Software and tools.

Here is a list of Available Desktop and Cloud based Applications and Business Software Solutions;

  • Custom and Open Source ERP Solutions
  • Accounting Software
  • HRMS – (Human Resource Management System with Biometric Device Integration)
  • CRM – (Customer Relationship Management System)
  • Retail Management System with Barcode Scanner (POS – Point of Sale)
  • School / Campus Management System
  • Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Restaurant Management System
  • CNG/Petrol Pump Management System
  • Poultry Management System
  • Real Estate Management System
  • Supply Chain Management System
  • Clinic/Hospital Management System
  • E-Commerce / Online Retail

Our Business Software consultants are always available to assist you for development, customization and to arrange a Demo of existing off shelf Business Software solutions.

Business Software Solutions